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We help overcome your Cloud Governance Challenges by adding value in the below areas

Cloud Security

As people become increasingly mobile, collaborate more freely, and shift more of their data to the cloud, enterprises need security that governs use and protects data everywhere. The cloud computing environment has increased rapidly in the last few years. However, cybersecurity has not been readily implemented in these cloud environments and implementing applications to the Cloud is not secure. CloudGRC Inc. consultants can help secure Cloud environments including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Cloud Access Security Brokers

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) are becoming an integral part of protecting your data in the cloud. CloudGRC Inc. can help with vendor selection through use case development as well carrying out Proof of Concepts (PoCs). In addition, we can support you with a holistic program to onboard and manage your cloud applications through the CASB. Our customers benefit from 360-degree data protection that guards data everywhere and advanced threat protection that stops elusive attacks.

Secure Architecture Design

Security architecture is infrastructure design that addresses the necessities and potential risk of an environment through enabling cybersecurity controls. Security Architecture is the design artifacts that describe how security controls are positioned and how they relate to the overall systems architecture. CloudGRC Inc. has managed large infrastructure cybersecurity projects and can ensure secure deployments of firewalls, IDs/IPs, 2-factor authentication and other cybersecurity technologies.

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerability scanning scans the frameworks for known vulnerabilities. where penetration testing actively exploits weaknesses in an environment. CloudGRC can carry out vulnerability assessments to find out the technical vulnerabilities in systems which can be exploited. If penetration testing is required, we can exploit the vulnerabilities through ethical hacking techniques.

Continuous Invisible Identity Assurance

Cybersecurity threats are increasing in frequency and IAM techniques using username, password and 2-factor authentication are not enough to manage all threats such as session hijacking. Continues invisible identity authentication is an innovative new technology that uses behavioral biometrics and artificial intelligence to continuously authenticate users in real time—eliminating identity threats and the hassles and risks of traditional 2FA/MFA authentication. CloudGRC provides this cutting edge continuous identity authentication technology, bringing a superior level of security to your organization.

Security Incident Management

As cybersecurity threats are continuously increasing in volume and sophistication, organizations are looking for the services which allow them to identify, respond to, and mitigate the incidents. Security Incident Management involves the monitoring and detection of security events on a computer or computer network and the execution of proper responses to those events. CloudGRC’s purpose and role is the development of a well understood and predictable response to damaging events and computer intrusions.

Managed Security Services

Managed security services (MSS) are a systematic approach to managing an organization’s security needs. Functions of a MSS include round-the-clock monitoring and management of intrusion detection systems and firewalls, overseeing patch management and upgrades, performing security assessments and security audits, and responding to emergencies. Organizations turn to CloudGRC to alleviate the pressures they face daily related to information security such as targeted malware, customer data theft, skills shortages and resource constraints allowing them to focus on its core business activities while remaining protected against network vulnerabilities.

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