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About Us

CloudGRC Inc. is an innovative Cyber Security company which focuses exclusively on Cloud Governance.  For many organizations, Cloud Security has become a huge challenge and needs to be immediately addressed to protect their Cloud Usage so that risk from Cloud usage is mitigated for these organizations.  Organizations also need to ensure that Cloud Security is addressed to meet new regulatory requirements such as GDPR.


Our team of qualified Cyber Security Consultants has decades of experience in this field in Strategy & Governance, Architecture & Design, Operations, Compliance & Audit in the Cyber Security field.  They have helped diverse organizations overcome their cyber security challenges and our the current leaders in Cloud Security.

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AJ Khan is the founder of CloudGRC Inc., a consultancy focused on bringing Governance, Risk and Compliance to the Cloud.  AJ has 17 years of experience in Cyber Security, including in the areas of operations, design and architecture, audit and compliance, Pre-Sales and Management.  During this time, AJ has worked for major entities in Middle East and North America such as Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Cisco Systems Canada, HP Canada, GTAA, Pearson Airport, Saudi Aramco and Kuwait Petroleum Corporation among others.

During the last two years, AJ Khan has been focused on ensuring that Cyber Security and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) are implemented in the cloud.  His recent projects in Cloud Security include carrying out Cloud Security Assessments, implementing Cloud Governance Frameworks, designing and implementing CASB (Cloud Access Security Brokers) solutions, Policy development and compliance of Sanctioned Cloud Apps, onboarding Unsanctioned Cloud Apps and exploring Governance in CSP Chains.

AJ is passionate about Cyber Security and Cloud Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).  In his view, there is a critical need to address Cloud Security in today’s Cloud deployments and if serious effort is not made to address this issue, corporations will incorporate security debt that will manifest itself later in the form of major security breaches.  This will not only lead to loss of critical data and disruptions in operations activity, it will also lead to a major loss in the brand equity and reputation.  Hence, Cloud GRC is imperative for today’s technology and business strategies.


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