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What to consider

Cyberattacks and security breaches have steadily increased across Canada and the world with the government and public sector being a leading target. Government organizations are greater targets for cybersecurity attack than organizations in other sectors for a few key reasons. The personal data and sensitive and often confidential information these organizations hold are high value commodities to cyber criminals. Decentralized information systems provide for greater access, putting data and privacy at risk. The threat of new vulnerabilities is ever-present. Based on our CloudGRC’s experience we’re recommending actions and strategies that organizations can use to focus their resources, be more proactive and start on the path to greater public trust in the face of unprecedented security threats. It’s important to establish a top-down strategy to manage cyber and privacy risks across all government organizations. The most secure organizations are in a position to succeed due to strong leadership and a proactive cybersecurity approach by staff.





Cloud Concerns

As government and public sector agencies and organizations are increasingly moving to the cloud for its flexibility, ease-of-use, and cost savings, unfortunately new risks around compliance, data security, and cloud threats surface. There are valuable assets and personnel that need to be protected from data breaches and hacks that have been increasing in frequency and sophistication. From malware to insider threats of data exfiltration, government agencies need to consider how cloud and web use increases data risk while still benefitting from these technologies. Many organizations are transitioning to the cloud, with services like Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Web Services, Dropbox, Salesforce, and others. CloudGRC empowers government agencies by protecting users and data from advanced threats, secure confidential files, and manage compliance regulation requirements for cloud and web.


Target-rich environment

Government organizations are at risk of targeted cybercsecurity attacks such as phishing attacks that are directed at staff that unknowingly compromise security. These organizations are also vulnerable to physical intrusions, where hackers enter facilities and connect unauthorized devices to get remote access to internal systems. Security awareness training is key in preventing employees from falling for sophisticated attacks or letting unauthorized personnel into sensitive areas. In the face of unprecedented security threats, it’s time to take a broader view of managing cybersecurity to help protect the data and personnel of government agencies and organizations. CloudGRC can help your organizations mitigate cybersecurity risks and meet new regulatory compliance requirements.


In demand use cases for Government/Public Sector

Threat & Risk Assessment

Privacy Management

Cloud Security

Continuous Identity Assurance

Security Incident Management