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We help overcome your Cloud Governance Challenges by adding value in the below areas

Cybersecurity Innovation

Cybersecurity is a constantly changing industry always adapting to new technology. CloudGRC develops and implements an innovative strategy for your risk management and cybersecurity requirements that enables product innovation, process innovation and business model innovation.

Cybersecurity Strategy & Framework

Alarmingly the number and severity of Cybersecurity threats are increasing daily. Organizations must ensure that they have a holistic Cybersecurity strategy to counter these threats. CloudGRC Inc. works with your organization to enumerate a holistic and dynamic Cybersecurity strategy that enables mitigation of the Cybersecurity risks faced by your organization.

Threat & Risk Assessment

Threat and risk assessments (TRAs) are the process of enumerating the vulnerabilities faced by your organization and identifying the associated threats. The risk level of these threats and vulnerabilities are also analyzed and specific solutions and controls are recommended. CloudGRC Inc. carries out TRAs for organizations and helps mitigate the risks associated to ensure security.

Privacy Management

With the proliferation of user data, privacy management is a critical component of any cybersecurity framework.  Each institution has different needs regarding the management of privacy depending on the sensitivity of the personal information they manage and the relationships with third parties. CloudGRC Inc. provides its clients with privacy management through Privacy Policy Development, Privacy Program Management and enabling of information sharing agreements.

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